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FAM Trip

At CEC AFRIQUE CONSULTING, we know that the business bonds are strengthened and secured when all the people involved have an opportunity to see and get to know what exactly their service renderings are to their valuable students. For the same we use this platform to engage our consultants to travel down to the educators they wish to empanel with or they are already contracted to work for.

Agent Familiarization Program

This not only enhances the morale and confidence of the consultants to work with the educator, perhaps this would serve as an opportunity for the universities and institutions to introduce themselves and their services, in a much better way to their prospective agents or might even help in selecting the right agents that the educator feels they can work with.
This will also ensure that everyone involved in the contract are in the same page and the standard of education & lifestyle their students are likely to receive is none less than what they experience during the FAM trip. FAM trip is quiet an innovative concept developed by CEC AFRIQUE CONSULTING, to ensure that the business ties are strengthened not only by a virtual platforms, but also with the help of a mix of good old fashioned strategies.

This way the educators get to deliver the exact expectations of the students on a right note. FAM trip also enables the consultant's counselors to travel down to the host countries to experience the services rendered by their empanelled institutions. The counselors being the wing man to a consultant will always know what to say to their prospective students after such a rewarding trip.
Besides, FAM trips always enables the counselors and agents to be in better ties with the key recruitment personnel's with the institutions, and this can help them expedite the admission process for all the students wishing to enroll under references from such consultants. Also, through such trips, the agents might be able to reap a customizable offer or a course that can specifically be sold in their market. So this way FAM trips gives room for a lot of customizations and options for both the educators and consultants.

Empathizing from the educator perspective, a FAM trip always enables them to evaluate their empanelled or prospective consultants from different countries. This gives them an opportunity to rate their agents not only based on the CEC AFRIQUE CONSULTING certification program, but through actual conversation and physical evidence of what they are capable of and not.
FAM trips engage multiple agent events and meet ups with the universities or educational institutions. This can give rise to various events organized by the institutions to boost the morale of the agents or consultants attending such trips. This includes various agent recognition programs like an award function to appreciate the best performing agent across the globe, certifications etc. The opportunities one can gain through such events are limitless. This also gives room for various business prospects or partnership with the educators to root up, through different degrees of conversation and business bonding with the agents.

Why FAM Trips?

Being human beings, we all tend to believe what we see. The same principle applies here with FAM trips. For the agents and their counselors to work better, an affordable and occasional FAM trip to all their contracted or prospective educators will help them conceive the real education experience for their prospective students.

This way imparting the same knowledge and experience with the essential physical evidence to their students would help them gain their confidence on a very quicker note during various counseling sessions. Earlier, without a comprehensive service like CEC AFRIQUE CONSULTING contacting a university was one hurdle and contracting with them was another.

This necessitated the travel option for agents without any additional service offerings like what CEC AFRIQUE CONSULTING does. Such circumstances made things quiet expensive for the consultants and the opportunities to expand their business was very limited.

On the other hand with CEC AFRIQUE CONSULTING, the things are quiet the other way round. The agents and consultants based on their credibility and certification with the CEC AFRIQUE CONSULTING gets contracted with the educators virtually and then if the consultant feels that a FAM trip is essential, they can opt for the same at much discounted price under various offers, making things more affordable and easier. Besides, CEC AFRIQUE CONSULTING always has their set of service providers to make things handier for their trip.

The FAM trips will always be an option which can help the educators and agents to decide whether their credibility among the students might be in stake while delivering their respective services.

Benefits Of FAM Trips - Agents

Opportunity for the agents to expand their physical reach to unlimited number of international universities and stream line or widen their product line by adding qualitative services that could help in expanding their business.

Removes the mind barrier of everything being virtual.

The travelling and other services during the visits are the best in class and affordability for the agents won't be a question they might have to think about once they are a member with CEC AFRIQUE CONSULTING.

You get to know the admission panel and other key personnel's of the Educator much better.

Opportunities with FAM trips are endless for a consultant, not to mention the customizable contracts agents are likely to have after a detailed round of discussion with the deans, university authorities and other key personnel's.

Improves the morale of your counselors when they get to visit the educators.

As a consultant it help you match with the exact student expectations.

Enables close interactions with the faculties to identify any hidden programs and education products which are likely to be ignored or may have lacked the essential acknowledgment by the potential sellers or competitive agents.

Specialized training options for the agents and consultants based on a wide variety of education products available with the educator.

You get to closely discuss about recent updates in the university activities, formalities, options etc with the key personals.

It enables you to understand the various USP's of different educators and their programs, making your sales process more effective.

This gives an opportunity to the agents to visit the educator resources and check out their student services.

Opportunities for the agent counselors to attend more focused trainings provided by the educators.

Benefits Of FAM Trips - Educators

Educators get a chance to analyze the potential of the prospective consultants whom they would like to work with before they commit to a contract with them.

Makes it easier for the educators to find new agents that can generate potential business globally.

It makes the agents come to the educator premises rather than the other way round.

FAM trips helps you in reducing the cost and resources for conducting the expensive global agent meet ups and fairs.

Meeting the top ranked agents for business discussion in a more comfortable environment is more than what you as an education institution could ask for.

Educators can avoid the additional cost of attending marketing seminars and conferences to find the appropriate agents they need to expand their business globally.

You get a chance to choose qualitative agents, rather than using some random selection process from different countries.

Close interaction between the educator and agents helps in understanding both the parties' priorities for a smooth recruitment and admission work flow.



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